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Return policy

Company name:Harbin City Win Win Trade Co., LTD.
Address:No. 511, 5th Floor, Building B3, No. 164, Zhongxing Avenue, Nangang District, Harbin
Contact email:[email protected]
Contact number:023-27582486
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Return process
When customers apply for a return online, please ensure that:
1.The outer packaging of the product is complete, without unpacking, and the related accessories are complete;
2.There are no scratches, no wear (broken) damage, no bumps, no use, no disassembly, etc. on the surface of the product;
3.Anti-counterfeiting marks, labels or other anti-counterfeiting measures are not scratched, torn, modified and modified
4.If there is a gift, the gift must also be returned;
5.Be sure to return the item with the accessory, warranty card, manual, invoice, test report, etc. along with the product.

In particular, the following conditions will not be returned:
1.The quality problem caused by the customer's unauthorized modification of the goods will not be returned.
2.Goods that are missing or cannot match the main product, such as accessories and warranty cards, are not returned
3.Webpage product pictures and information are for reference only. Due to problems such as shooting lights and different monitor color differences, there may be color difference between the physical object and the webpage promotional image. It is not a quality problem and will not be returned.
4.Due to customer's personal ability or the difference between the use environment and the product attributes, the customer misreports the reason for the return, and will not return the goods.